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    The CQ Group, LLC provided engineering for the development and implementation of a closed-loop system design that maintained the structural integrity of the scrubbers and recycle tanks and protected the modified system from over-pressurization and process interruption.  This project presented various problems that included subjecting tanks and equipment to higher pressures, introducing pressure to processes that previously operated at atmospheric pressure, and introducing pressure relief and safety concerns that were not present under the open system.  The existing tanks and equipment were evaluated using visual inspection and NDE and a structurally sound enclosure was designed using industry-accepted engineering techniques.  Modification to the existing piping was necessary to maintain successful operation in the closed system.  The safety concerns were addressed through instrument controls and pressure relief devices.

gasification equipment design

    The CQ Group, LLC provided engineering to ensure the mechanical integrity of pressure equipment used in an experimental gasification process.  The individual components were to be subjected to extreme pressures and temperatures and were required to meet the rules of ASME Section VIII Division 1.  Both conventional and FEA methods were used to evaluate each component to ensure not only their compliance with the applicable construction code, but their ability to operate within the pressure and temperature extremes.


    The CQ Group, LLC has provided engineering for various vessel, tank, and equipment fabricators.  Our design experience includes single-chambered and jacketed vessels, half-pipe jacketed reactors, packed columns, shell and tube heat exchangers. air-fin heat exchangers, rectangular and obround vessels, storage tanks, boiler components, bins, hoppers, and self-supporting stacks.

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